Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winter 2010

The G-W Family and Luis at "Heaven's Gate"
So, I'm pretty lame as a family blogger. I write tons of posts in my head, honest! And as soon as they perfect that app where I can just think the post and it will appear here, this blog will be much more entertaining. In the meantime, I'm still just a mom with too many commitments who may carve out a few minutes to blog when there are way too many pictures stored in the computer.

So, 2010 - Quite a fun year so far!

Luis and Rose - Dec 09
Luis at the Art Institute - Dec 09
In December, Luis joined our family and we helped him through the last part of his exchange year. Luis is from Paraguay and he likes Art and Architecture. So our first order of business was to take him to the Art Institute of Chicago,

Luis Decorates the boy's room - Paraguay style.
the "Bean" and the Chicago History Museum.

We had LOTS of snow in Dec, Jan, Feb, March... April?  Seems like it just went on and on. Lucky for Luis, he liked snow...

E Learns what it felt like to ride bikes on cobblestones in the early days of Chicago.

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