Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cancun 09 - Day Three - Rest

Today was much brighter and sunnier when we woke up.  Here is a better picture of the view from our room.  I changed up the routine a bit by going for a run.  I ran down the street to the beach and then returned on the beach.  It took 15 minutes to go by street and 33 to hike back on the beach.  But it was beautiful!

Today was a "down" day for our trip.  While I let information and experiences wash over me in the Morter Elite Masters event, John and the kids bummed around the hotel and visited one of the three pools and the beach.  John was intrepid and got the kids on the bus to go downtown for lunch.   
Here is M with his prize sombrero - bargained hard for in La Palapa at Tulum.  

When I caught up with them before dinner - well, ok, they had to come shoo me out of the jacuzzi so we wouldn't be late for dinner - everyone looked happy. And beautiful!  We had to "dress up" for dinner so the girls were in their matching dresses and M had his outfit with a collar on. A SpongeBob outfit, but still.  I thought about getting a picture, but we didn't.

We had a delightful dinner at DaVinci.  You know it's a good restaurant when you wished you would have brought your camera so you could have photographed your meal.  The highlight was dessert.  A Chocolate Piano - yes, a piano made from chocolate -albeit a miniature grand piano.  I ordered the "Artist's Palette" - a cookie shaped like a palette with three little scoops of ice cream for the paint and the most delicious piece of chocolate cinnamon fudge for the paint brush.

R slept through the meal.  A blessing since this was a very "nice" restaurant and if she had gotten bored it could have gotten ugly. But, apparently, twelve hours is about her limit for constant wakefulness.  It's the second night in a row she's gone to sleep at 6PM and I assume she will sleep all night again tonight.

So, what did I learn about all day? I have a ton of notes and thought provoking quotes to share on my blogs and facebook.  Ultimately, I was challenged to bring my life into focus.  If I had seven days to live, would I still be doing what I am doing right now?  Lucky for me, the answer is YES! However, it did cause me to think a little more closely about HOW I am doing it.  Adjustments to follow.

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