Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wheel Day!

I decided that today we would do "wheel" projects as suggested on Unplug Your Kids

I actually brainstormed last night and made a "schedule" of projects.
This AM I announced it was wheel day. I started by asking E & M to consider what makes something a "wheel" versus just being a circle or sphere. We decide that wheels usually move things. Rose was not left out... she painted, she cut, she glued... and of course we sang "Wheels on the Bus" for her several times too!

Breakfast - Make Cheerio wheels
E- I made a circle & 20 lines with 1 cheerio in the middle,
And a old fashioned wheel,(pictured below)
And a butterfly with cheerios as the body

Mom's Cheerio Wheel... with a little help from Rose

Then - Color wheels using ideas from a few different websites.

Finally - a "wheel" photo scavenger hunt.

E's - The microwave turntable (moves the food) The Clock arms are moved by a wheel

M's - The wheels of the Mach 5 A truck wheel
Plus the photo at the top of the van wheel

Oh! I almost forgot! I found some instructions for making a lego globe! M was completely frustrated, but E stuck with it... though it doesn't look like a globe... you can see we made something roundish from something square... maybe a tree representing the colors on our color wheel!

This was fun!

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  1. Great job! Thanks for joining in! I am always so impressed when people make a whole bunch of activities around a theme. Wonderful!